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Plast-PP integral action device

p81.jpgPlast-PP integral action device is intended for completion and thermogasdynamic processing of producing reservoirs in oil, gas and other wells in order to establish a hydrodynamic connection of the formation with the well, increase of production performance or formation intake capacity by increasing permeability of its nearfield using combustion products of gas-forming charges.

Structural features of the integral thermal-gas-chemical treatment device

The device with ZGD-PP internal gas-generating charges can be considered an improved version of deep perforation. Due to velocity head, hot streams of gas-generating charges combustion products following jet streams additionally increase pressure in the reservoir channels and cracks developing them into the formation. Gas-generating charges in the device are located between jet charges and in addition act as bumpers preventing influence of adjacent jet charges on each other.
In the device with ZNGD-PP external gas-generating charges they are located on the perforating gun's body. Their advantage is possibility of heavy gas-generating charges combustion in one trip.

The most efficient option is combination of external and internal gas-generating charges. When using this processing option, there are two impulses on the producing reservoir - 1) a short impulse due to internal gas-generating charges combustion; 2) a longer impulse due to combustion of heavy external gas-generating charges with large combustion surface.


p82.jpgIn fact, work using Perfogen device includes several combined operations simultaneously performed during one running in hole, namely: jet perforation, gas-dynamic processing of the bottom-hole with propellant gases and implosive impact on the formation via instant underbalance generated by the device. Flow of gaseous explosion and combustion products of charges moving into the formation following the jet stream destroys seal rocks around perforation tunnels and generates an additional crack network around them.

Technological advantages:  
  • charge case can be used several times, which reduces the cost of each firing, and, therefore, the cost of bottom-hole treatment;
  • the lowest emergency rate due to reduction of blasting loads on the casing string and the cement stone around it;
  • at blasting-perforation jobs wells are much less contaminated, since all charge fragments and rock cuttings are accumulated in the lower powder chamber;
  • the highest net utilization of propellant gas energy due to the ability to control powder charge burning process;
  • the most successful stimulation of marginal well producers with inflow initiation due to the implosive effect.

Main technical specifications:

 Outer diameter – 105 mm.
 Perforation density – 12 holes/m.
 Case service life – 25-40 discharges.
 Depth of perforation tunnel – 650 – 700 mm.
 Total mass of propellant charges – 3-5 kg.
 Specific volume of propellant gases – 1,000 l/kg.

Composition of GP105 device:
  1. Perforating gun module containing PK105 hollow-carrier perforating gun with the most powerful jet charges ZPK 105N-BO (inlet average diameter is 19.5 mm).
  2. Gas generating module composed of two firing chambers with charges from ZBS 100Tr/65 solid propellant.

ZGRP (hydraulic fracturing charge) microhydraulic fracturing method

p84.jpgMicrohydraulic fracturing method is based on using ZGRP01-1 charges and is designed to increase well productivity by impulse action of the well fluid and propellant gases with high temperature and pressure generated during charge combustion, and subsequent generation of the additional crack system.

ZGRP01-1 set includes charges made of solid propellant, ignition unit and tooling designed for assembly and tripping in the treatment zone. Number of charges is determined by calculation based on the data on impact interval depth, reservoir porosity and permeability, reservoir pressure, etc.

Success of works performed in accordance with this method is 95%, increase of flow rate is from 1.5 to 5 times.

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