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Borehole Seismology Department of Geostra Research and Production Center LLC is one of the largest specialized units in Russia of this type. Experimental-methodical and scientific base founded and developed with direct participation of such well-known specialists in downhole and surface seismic prospecting as A .V. Sukhachev, V. I. Razuvayev, V. F. Pakhomov, Yu. G. Antipin, Dr.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy) V. A. Lensky, Cand.Sc. (Engineering) R. Ya. Adiyev, Cand.Sc. (Engineering) A. Ya. Adiyev, Cand.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy) Z. Munasypov, Cand.Sc. (Engineering) R. A. Akhtyamov, allows the unit employees to competently and efficiently process and interpret borehole seismic data.

Possibility of simultaneous work of up to 7 interpretive groups, own development - GeoSeis Pro software for data processing and interpretation and its continuous improvement, as well as online monitoring of drilling results following recommendations and contacting with the Customers contribute to high efficiency of integrated method for borehole seismology comprehensive interpretation, common depth point method and well-logging used in Bashneftegeofizika JSC.

Examples of geological tasks successful solution using such integration are discovery of the unique oil deposit at Yanyshevskoye field, tracking the shoestring area for oil-saturated reservoirs development of Low Carboniferous terrigenous mass at Nikolo-Berezovskaya and Buyskaya areas, survey of terrigenous Devonian reservoirs development at Urazmetovskoye and Sergeyevskoye fields, survey of Frasnian-Famennian flat structure (Novo-Uzybashevskoye field), etc.

To date, according to the results of more than 700 wells drilling, according to offset vertical seismic profiling data, efficiency is 96% (accuracy of structural construction ±3-5 m), accuracy of reservoir properties forecast is 90%.

Within production activities, experimental and methodological works a number of studies, which were absolutely new for Russia, were conducted - in 2001 the method of multi-stage tracking (monitoring) of the injected or intruding marginal water front during oil fields development was elaborated, patent of the Russian Federation No. 2244321 was obtained. In 2004, Bashneftegeofizika JSC together with French partners FXC Energy, Createch and Magnitude carried out microseismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing for the first time in Russia. In 2010, methods of determining reservoir rock fracturing azimuthal direction was adapted in order to choose horizontal well optimal courses, patent of the Russian Federation No. 2433426 was obtained. Currently, SlimWave, the newest and Russia's only downhole multi-sonde seismic equipment manufactured by Sercel that significantly extends boundaries of borehole seismology, is being actively put into operation.

Maintaining ground seismic prospecting data processing and interpretation. 
Survey of the section velocity properties, analysis of wave fields and stratigraphic referencing of reflections, creation of the interpretive base for 3D seismic prospecting.
Exploratory drilling in areas of oil and gas fields complex structure.
Update of structural and tectonic model of the drilling area, forecast of geological model and abnormal high pressure areas under the bottomhole and assessment of oil and gas content prospects of the near-wellbore to determine feasibility of further drilling and drilling areas of new exploration and development wells.
Production drilling, including drilling of horizontal well bores. During development and operation of oil fields, a range of borehole seismic survey technologies is wider. Works are performed in order to optimize locations of subsequent development and injection wells, choose optimal course for horizontal holes, plan other geological and technological activities.
Specification of the structural plan and structure of hydrocarbon traps (identification and tracing of tectonic disturbances, pinchout of deposits, terrigenous reservoir replacement zones, carbonate reservoir compression areas, mapping of biohermal formations, etc.); tracing of the oil-saturated reservoir circuits near the wellbore and reservoir location areas; identification of non-drilled traps; assessment of changes in thickness, porosity and permeability of reservoirs; identification and determination of fracturing privileged direction.
Fields monitoring.
Tracing of the flooding profile moving, velocity and directions of water drive during oil production with water injection into the bed; identification and determination of premature formation water breakthrough directions during injection; control of oil reserves production and bypassed hydrocarbons locations determination; control of hydraulic fracturing; identification and assessment of marginal cross flows in bore-hole annulus and interwell space; information support of using development wells.
Design and control of underground gas storage facilities.
Update of the storage facility structural and tectonic model and change of the reservoir properties, identification of gas leakage channels.

Borehole seismology tasks to solve:
  • Survey of the wave field characteristics.
  • Obtaining of observed and vertical time-travel curves of longitudinal and transverse waves, average, interval, reservoir velocity models with accuracy assessment.
  • Assessment of high-velocity anisotropy of longitudinal, transverse waves and assessment of elastic parameters of the geological environment.
  • Depth and lithologic and stratigraphic referencing of waves traced. Assessment of the reference accuracy in terms of depth and time.
  • Survey of the near-wellbore structure in prospecting, exploration and development wells.
  • Update of the geological model (structure, morphology) and boundaries of oil and gas deposits.
  • Forecast of reservoir properties in the near-wellbore.
  • Recommendations for further drilling.
  • Design of horizontal hole courses.
  • Fracturing identification and assessment.
  • Determination of the fracturing privileged direction.
  • Assessment of the fracture porosity.
  • Forecast of the geological section and abnormal high pressure areas under the well bottom.
Software used:
  • GeoSeis Pro, processing and interpretation of the borehole seismology data (Bashneftegeofizika JSC); VSP-POL (VNIIGIS Research and Production Enterprise CJSC).
  • Tesseral Pro, full wave modeling and ray-tracing for oil and gas fields (Tesseral Technologies Inc.).
Successful implementation of the vertical seismic profiling, common depth point method and well-logging integrated method by Bashneftegeofizika JSC by the example of the Colgan strata productive interval development at one of the fields in the Orenburg Region

Determination of subsurface velocity distribution

Stratigraphic referencing of target reflectors

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