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  • 2D/3D common depth point method data processing and interpretation

Processing and interpretation main knowledge-intensive work stages with source field seismic materials that allow for obtaining a reliable geological and geophysical model of our subsurface resources as the basis for oil and gas fields successful operation.

Processing of field seismic data in 2D, 3D modifications, high-resolution seismology (3C) aimed at mapping oil-bearing targets in seismic and geological conditions of various complexity based on Geovation (CGG) and Omega (Schlumberger) software.

Main processing stages:
  • Compensation of weathering and near-surface effects by calculating and using primary and static corrections based on the method of refraction waves and tomographic approach.
  • Data processing with amplitude restoration and preservation in time and space with inhomogeneities compensation by surface-coordinated procedures.
  • Deconvolution and increase of seismic recording resolution, restoration of true shape and phase of the seismic signal.
  • Multi-stage correction of static and kinematic modifications, optimization of summing phase synchronism.
  • Separation and suppression of regular and random waves-interference with signal/noise ratio increase.
  • Multidimensional regularization of data in space by distance and azimuths.
  • Time and depth pre-stack migrations, depth-velocity model building.
  • Data post-processing aimed at increasing the section resolution and sensitivity, bringing surveys to uniform appearance of the seismic signal and its phase.
3D-data cube obtained as a result of processing

Integrated interpretation of 2D/3D common depth point method seismic data and well-logging in order to build a geological and geophysical model of target zones, detail and forecast development of target producing reservoirs, issue recommendations for exploratory and production drilling.

  • Survey the sedimentary cover structure and composition for oil-and-gas bearing prospects assessing.
  • Mapping of various complex and small oil and gas traps - anticline, fault-bounded, shoestring, stratigraphic and reefogenic controlled by regional bands of tectonic dislocations.
  • Forecast of azimuth anisotropic zones and azimuth-oriented parameters of rocks.
  • Forecast of zones for development of oil-bearing terrigenous and carbonate reservoirs with assessment of porosity and permeability based on seismic stratigraphic, paleotectonic, AVO-, dynamic (including deterministic and stochastic inversion) and lithofacies analysis using cluster and neural network technologies for exploratory and production drilling optimal allocation.
  • Assessment of S3 and D1l category oil and gas resources, increment of S2 category oil reserves, assessment of hydrocarbon commercial reserves.
  • Building of volumetric three-dimensional geological model as the basis for subsequent geological modeling.
  • Preparation of recommendations for exploratory drilling and development wells rational allocation for hydrocarbon deposits optimal development.
  • Update of geological field models during development (monitoring).

Geography of our works:
  • Kazakhstan
  • Volga-Ural Region
  • West Siberia
  • East Siberia
  • Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area
  • Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area
  • Nenets Autonomous Area
  • Taimyr Region
  • Krasnoyarsk Territory
  • Irkutsk Region
  • Colombia
  • Mauritania
  • Saudi Arabia

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