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Borehole seismic prospecting with the use of modern geophysical equipment enabling to solve the following geological and technological problems arising at the stages of prospecting and development of deposits:
  • Survey of waves field parameters (P-, S- and PS-waves) in the medium internal points. Determination of seismic waves kinematic and dynamic characteristics.
  • Determination of velocity pattern, reflecting and absorbing properties of the medium.
  • Stratigraphic referencing of different registered waves to the section geologic boundaries by well vertical profile using common depth point method and well-logging data.
  • Revised geological model of the borehole vicinity, VSP-offset VSP, walkaway VSP, 3D VSP, geophysical logging and land seismics.
  • Evaluation of the frac geometry during hydrofracturing, the amount of rock involved in the hydrofracturing, operational control of the hydraulic fracturing design implementation.

From 1968 and up to now the subdivisions of Bashneftegeofizika JSC have performed seismic logging, vertical seismic profiling and offset vertical seismic profiling in the Volga Region, West and East Siberia in more than 1,200 wells using a wide range of equipment:
  • Approximately 730 wells were processed using ASPU-3-48 operated clamping device, AVSP-12 vertical seismic profiling equipment from 1968 to 2003;
  • 130 wells were processed using Volna borehole seismic equipment from 2003 to 2005;
  • 215 wells were processed using Volna-TB borehole seismic equipment from 2005 to 2011;
  • 160 wells were processed using Volna TBM borehole seismic equipment from 2011 to 2014;
  • Since 2014 - introduction of SlimWave Borehole Seismic System.

The expedition performs borehole seismic surveys using vertical seismic profiling, offset vertical seismic profiling methods in the territory of Urals and Volga Region, West and East Siberia, Kazakhstan.

Borehole seismology:
  • Volna-TBM Borehole Seismic Instrument and Alpha VSP software for wave fields recording developed at Bashneftegeofizika JSC. Technical parameters: 16 levels, number of receiving modules - up to 4, recording of gamma logging, operating temperature up to 120ºС, maximum pressure - 80 MPa, instant dynamic range - 90 dB, inherent noise level - 0.12 µV.
  • SlimWave borehole seismology hardware system and Wave Control software for wave fields recording developed by Sercel (France). Technical parameters: 24 levels, number of receiving modules - up to 24, recording of gamma logging, operating temperature up to 135ºС, maximum pressure - 100 MPa, instant dynamic range - 122 dB, inherent noise level - 0.10 µV.
  • Equipment for drilling and blasting: drilling rigs, tank trucks and shot points, snowcats, ARGO cross-country vehicle.
  • Non-blasting sources facility (KamAZ М-27 Sercel seismic vibrators).
  • GPS satellite navigation systems (Trimble R5, Topcon GMC2).
SlimWave Borehole Seismic Equipment

SlimWave Borehole Seismic Equipment

Module of SlimWave Borehole Seismic Equipment

Set of SlimWave equipment for borehole seismology surveys

Seismic logging lift at the well

Sercel seismic vibrators at M27 KAMAZ at the source point

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