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   Well cementing quality control equipment is intended for solution of the following tasks:
  1. Measurement of the cement stone rise level in the annular space of the well.
  2. Determination of the integral (average) density of the cement stone across the perimeter of the casing string and selective density in its various sectors.
  3. Determination of integral and selective thickness of the casing string wall.
  4. Determination of casing string eccentricity relative to the well axis.
  5. Determination of the contact state (continuous, partial, absent) of the cement stone with the casing string and rocks.
  6. Detection of bulk (channels, etc.) and contact (micro gaps, etc.) defects in the cement column, assessment of their sizes and spatial orientation relative to the apsidal plane of the well.
  7. Evaluation of strength properties of the cement stone in the intervals with a defect-free cement column.
  8. Evaluation of the annular space isolation degree and probability of behind-the-casing channels.
  9. Assessment of influence of mechanical and technologic effects on the state of the cement stone.
    In order to solve these tasks, acoustic and gamma-gamma cement logging devices of various modifications provided in this section are used, which ensure survey in the casing strings with a diameter of 3" to 20".

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