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We offer

  • Instrumental measurement of reservoir pressure.
  • Studies using the pressure recovery curve (PRC) method.
  • Studies using the pressure drawdown curve (PDC) by wellhead and depth pressure gauges.
  • Studies using the level build-up curve (LBC) method.
  • Indicator test.
  • PRC test at the geothermal surveying system (full set of data recording).
  • Interference test.
  • Downhole sampling.
  • Bringing the well on to stable production.
  • Measurement of dynamic and static fluid levels in wells.
  • Determination of sound velocity in the annulus.
  • Dynamometry.
  • Measurement of flow rate and gas content.
  • Bottom tagging.
  • Tracer studies.
  • Support of process operations during dual well operation.
  • Interpretation of level build-up curve (LBC).
  • Interpretation of pressure drawdown curve (PDC).
  • Interpretation of pressure recovery curve (PRC).
  • Interpretation of interference test.
  • Interpretation of tracer studies.
  • Isobar map making.
  • Conversion of dynamic fluid levels to bottom pressure.
  • Conversion of static fluid levels to reservoir pressure.

When planning hydrodynamic studies it is important to correctly choose the method, hydrodynamic survey optimal method, survey process parameters in order to obtain the required hydrodynamic information.

Individual approach to each survey:
  • Selection of equipment and technologies for the survey.
  • Initial assessment of data quality during the survey.
  • Use of special methods for surveys data processing.
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