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Human resources policy

Over the entire history of Bashneftegeofizika JSC, highly professional team of like-minded people committed to the business and enterprise has always been and is still the main asset and value of the enterprise.

Today the company employs approximately six thousand people, the enterprise has a vast intellectual and research base: 35 employees of the company are Candidates of Science and 18 are Doctors of Science.

Bashneftegeofizika, which is one of the leading national companies at the geophysical and service market over many years, pays particular attention to development of human potential, training qualified personnel, creation of conditions for forming and developing a creative personality as a main factor of its success. Special attention in the Company's HR Policy is paid to work with young specialists who have just graduated from higher educational institutions.

Bashneftegeofizika JSC maintains close contacts with leading higher educational institutions and colleges of the Republic and the country: Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, Bashkir State University, Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Ural State Mining University, Kazan State University, Oktyabrsk Oil College, training young specialists for the enterprise. Bashneftegeofizika provides sponsorship and methodological aid and support to vocational departments and faculties.

The policy objective is to provide the Company with highly qualified employees, create conditions for their efficient work. The Company's HR Policy determines methods and ways of staff management, as well as ensures a unified approach towards making decisions regarding personnel on the basis of the Company values.

The HR Policy is based on the system which includes:  
  • criteria to assess degree of results achievement;
  • employees remuneration and incentive;
  • each employee incentive to achieve objectives substantiated by the Company's strategy.

The HR Policy of Bashneftegeofizika JSC is aimed at supporting the Company status as the most attractive employer at the labor market.


HR-relevant strategic tasks

  • Enhancement of the management efficiency by introducing modern standards in the Company's HR System.
  • Creation of the system of continuous education, expansion of the training center activities.
  • System approach towards training, re-training and advance training of the Company's employees, recruitment and training of managers and highly qualified specialists.
  • Improvement of work with young employees and talent pool.
  • Development and efficiency upgrading of the communication system between the Company services and divisions.
  • Creation of conditions aimed at the employees' potential maximum fulfillment.

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Personnel development and training.Talent pool, promotion.

The HR Policy is focused on creation of the continuous education system aimed at constant improvement and development of employees. The system of vocational education including training and advance training of workers and specialists is currently functioning at Bashneftegeofizika JSC.foto5.jpg

The Company's training base includes a training center and more than 200 specialist training programs.

The Company encourages employees' aspiration for personal development and professional level improvement. Such employees are provided with conditions to develop professional and management competence.

The HR Policy is focused on returning investments in the personnel training. Personnel development and training programs are developed on the basis of strategic planning and determination of requirements for the competence of various employee categories in a short and a long term.

The Company attaches great importance to young specialists development and training. Special programs allowing for fast inclusion in business processes and finding application for their abilities are developed for them. On-the-job training, mentorship, experience sharing, scientific and practical conferences, young specialists' meetings and other activities in combination ensure support and development of young employees.

The priority line of the HR Policy is consistent training of mid-level managers. Particular attention is paid to gaining practical experience taking into account specific features of Bashneftegeofizika JSC. All company employees went through the career steps - from an ordinary employee to a top manager.

The HR Policy is based on continuity of all management levels and is implemented in the programs for the talent pool training and promotion. The Company analyzes leadership qualities and skills of an employee starting from the first days of his/her work.

Personnel assessment is also the basis to identify employees with a high management potential. Individual development programs, including short-term courses, on-the-job training, participation in projects and additional (second) higher education, are developed for such employees.

Personnel Incentive System of Bashneftegeofizika JSC.

Remuneration. Incentive.

Main principles for the Company employees remuneration include:

  • relation to results, objectives achievement by employees;
  • fairness of employees remuneration;
  • assurance of the competitive remuneration level.
Bashneftegeofizika JSC treats remuneration as a component of the personnel pecuniary incentive for efficient labor.
This system enables the Company to preserve competitiveness, attract, retain and rationally use qualified employees.

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The personnel remuneration system is focused on providing incentives for employees to work qualitatively and efficiently. This system is determined by:
  • importance and complexity of tasks solved by the employee;
  • the Company's performance in the reporting period;
  • performance of the Company's organizational unit;
  • individual performance of the employee;
  • level of the employee's professional qualification.


The remuneration system includes a fixed and a variable component of monetary remuneration. The fixed part of the salary includes a tariff component (tariff rates, wages), additional payments, increments, payments and compensations provided for in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, as well as payment of annual vacation allowance.

The variable part of the salary may include bonus payments for performance within a certain period (month, quarter, six months, year), for targets achievement, other bonuses. The Company's HR Policy provides for sequential increase of the remuneration variable part share.

The ratio of fixed and variable parts in the salary are determined by:

  • the employee's position;
  • the employee's influence on individual, collective and corporate indicators;
  • the Company's HR Policy.

The Company constantly monitors changes in the social and economic conditions, in particular, in relation to inflation and situation at the labor market. Following the results of such monitoring, the Company regularly adopts decisions as to salaries indexing in accordance with financial capabilities.

The Company is aimed at sequential improvement of the labor incentive system, including personnel remuneration.

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