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Ufa, Lenin st. 13
Date of adding Deadline Name Organizer Status of procurement
20.07.2018 30.07.2018 Purchase of wire GUSP-252 JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
20.07.2018 27.07.2018 Purchase of cable KVR JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
20.07.2018 30.07.2018 Purchase of drilling tools JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
17.07.2018 25.07.2018 Spare parts for seismic vibrators "Batyr" JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
17.07.2018 23.07.2018 Bed dress JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
17.07.2018 23.07.2018 Transportation by river transport JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
12.07.2018 20.07.2018 Purchase of consumables for diesel power plant JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
12.07.2018 19.07.2018 Transportation and forwarding services LLC "Service-Master" Order taking
11.07.2018 17.07.2018 Hunting skis JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
06.07.2018 17.07.2018 Overalls and personal protective equipment JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
04.07.2018 06.07.2018 Transportation of geophysical equipment JSC "Taimyrgeofizika" Order taking
03.07.2018 12.07.2018 UAZ PATRIOT JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
02.07.2018 09.07.2018 Maintenance and testing of gas analyzers "Monolith" LLC "CNIPR" Order taking
02.07.2018 09.07.2018 Supply of spare parts and consumables for laboratory equipment LLC "CNIPR" Order taking
02.07.2018 09.07.2018 Supply of spare parts for lubricator LLC "CNIPR" Order taking
02.07.2018 09.07.2018 On-board monitoring system, data transmission services monitoring JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
29.06.2018 06.07.2018 Explosive materials BTP-500 JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
28.06.2018 08.07.2018 Means of individual protection for JSC "Taimyrgeofizika" JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
28.06.2018 09.07.2018 Manufacturing of hangar for repair of equipment JSC "Bashneftegeofizika" Order taking
26.06.2018 02.07.2018 Spare parts "Ural" JSC "Taimyrgeofizika" Order taking

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